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TRG Saddle Soap for Cleaning & Softening Leather

TRG Saddle Soap for Cleaning & Softening Leather

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100ml Suitable For all Leather Products TRG Premium quality

Leather saddle soap cleaner with Advanced formula for leather
cleaning and the best value 

Saddle soap has been used for decades as a preferred leather cleaning product shoes, boots, trainers, sofas, armchairs, hand bags etc

Apply saddle soap with a moist sponge working well into leather...

Instructions for Use
Remove surface dust. Rub on the soap with a soaked sponge to get
foam. Apply over the leather rubbing vigorously.

Remove the remaining foam with a clean and slightly damp sponge

Allow to dry , Once dry polishing by rubbing with a cloth 

Not suitablefor suede or nubuck.


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