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Shucare Suede & Nubuck Mousse A powerful cleaning mousse

Shucare Suede & Nubuck Mousse A powerful cleaning mousse

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A powerful cleaning mousse that penetrates deep into suede and nubuck fibres to remove dirt, grime and stains. Renews the original colour , revitalises and conditions. Suitable for all colours.

Directions for Use: Remove excess dirt from footwear using Shucare Suede and Nubuck brush. Test for colour fastness by gently wiping an unseen area on the article with a damp, white cloth. If colour appears on cloth do not use. Shake well before use. Hold 45 degree angle from article and spray entire area to be cleaned. Brush foam using a suede and nubuck brush. After cleaning wipe away excess foam using a damp cloth. Allow to dry, brush with and against nap (Grain) of article. Apply Shucare Water and Stain Repellent or Shucare Nano Waterproofer as directed.


Packaging Unit: 120ml Eco friendly Pump pack.

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