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Famaco Oiled Leather Cream with Lanolin

Famaco Oiled Leather Cream with Lanolin

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A colorless and extremely emollient shoe care product formulated with natural lanolin, Famaco Oiled Leather Cream rejuvenates specialty leathers that have been treated with an oiled finish.

Lanolin Cream which Nourish's  Softens & Cleans leather

These leathers have a smooth and silky feel and exhibit a low luster, their moisture resistant surface definitely benefiting from the use of this rich, oil based conditioner.

Ensure your oiled leather footwear remains soft, supple and well protected by using this unique leather cream on a regular basis.

Since 1931 Famaco has concentrated solely upon the cleaning, care and protection of fine leathers.

Using naturally derived ingredients that improve the feel and appearance of leather, the French company has gained worldwide respect. 

Package includes 1 x 75ml Famaco Oiled Leather Cream




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