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Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine 100ml

Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine 100ml

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Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine is a special cleansing lotion which cleans and shines all your favourite leathers.

Famaco Revive is a liquid, meaning only a small amount of product is to be used for best results.

This allows the product to cover a large surface area whilst using a small amount of liquid, making it the perfect cleaning and polishing product for not only leather shoes, but your favourite leather handbags too.

Famaco Leather Revive Clean & Shine removes deep stains on smooth leather, and after buffing leaves a luxury shimmer and shine.

Instructions: Remove dust with a horse hair brush. Shake Famaco Revive Clean & Shine and apply a small amount onto a clean cloth, use liberally if removing watermarks or stubborn stains. Rub into the leather material in small circular motions and allow to dry. Use product to nourish, clean, buff to a high shine.

Made In France



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