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Angelus Repair Filler Paintable 60ml - Leather Scratch Scuff Repair

Angelus Repair Filler Paintable 60ml - Leather Scratch Scuff Repair

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Angelus Paintable Repair Filler

  • AMAZING LEATHER CRACK REPAIR: Angelus repair filler is perfect for repairing minor holes & scratches in smooth leather. Perfect for seamless repairs
  • FLEXIBLE & PAINTABLE: Our Leather Crack repair filler is flexible and paintable. Not like our competitors, ours will take on your leather dye or angelus paint for a perfect color match. It also will stay flexible with the leather.
  • USED FOR: It can be used for countless things like repairing couch holes, Cat Scratches, Fixes holes in shoes, midsoles, chairs, burn holes, car seats, cigarette burns, & so much more.
  • WORKS ON: Our small hole filling paste works on Leather, Vinyl, Patent Leather, Vegan Leather, Foam, Bonded Leather, Pleather, & More!
  • MADE IN USA: We are proud to say we have been working on this formula for years and have finally perfected it. Proudly made right here in the USA. Angelus Brand has been serving you in America since 1909.

 Bottle size : 1 x 60ml 

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