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Angelus 2-Thin 29.5ml

Angelus 2-Thin 29.5ml

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Angelus 2-THIN

Thinner for Acrylic Paints

Perfect for thinning out Angelus Acrylic leather paint

For Acrylic paint only

Helps prevent shoe paint from clumping on a mesh surface

Great when you're using an airbrush for customization



Shake well before use. Mix with ANGELUS ACRYLIC PAINTS  when thinning is necessary.

ANGELUS 2-THIN will not hinder the flexible properties of ANGELUS ACRYLIC PAINTS.



Mix one part 2 Thin to four parts Angelus Paint add more paint or 2 Thin as necessary. Always TEST on inconspicuous area before use.


Package includes 1 x 29.5ml Angelus 2 – THIN

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